Wilson St - De Stress Tea
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Wilson St - De Stress Tea

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This delicate tea has been blended to aid in times of stress. Combining calming lavender and lemon balm with gentle oat straw and lemon verbena to soothe the nerves.

Contains oat straw, valeria, passionflower, lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm and lemon/lime zest. 40g

  • Oat straw promotes the ability to cope with and react to stress more positively
  • Valeria assists with nervousness, anxiety and stress as it increases GABA levels in the brain, promoting a calming effect
  • Lavender, passion flower, lemon balm (and Valeria), are nervines – herbs that specifically support and nurture the nervous system
  • Lemon verbena possesses soothing properties for the body and mind, its relaxing and is beneficial in times of negative stress
  • The vitamin C components of lemon & lime peel are released once hydrated, offering a hit of the often-depleted vitamin in times of negative stress